Libra helps to improve your bottom line!

Libra Resources Inc. was set up with the vision to bring high quality trailer parts and accessories to the US OEM trailer industry at the lowest cost possible. Libra has teamed up with multiple major domestic and overseas auto parts factories, which have proudly served the global OE market for decades.

Libra has office and warehouse in Memphis, TN to serve customers around the clock. Our goal is that our customers enjoy the best of both worlds: consistently high quality and dependable but lowest cost from worldwide supplies

While full linetrailer components composed the bulk of our business, Libra has proudly extended products offerings to trailer tires, ATV tires, lawnmower tires, offroad tires etc.

So contact us or get with your regional sales rep today! See how Libra’s tailor-made programs fit your need and, more importantly, improve your bottom line!